Used trailers for sale

, different types of trailers available from tipping trailers and grain trailers to general purpose trailers.
Model Description Misc
40ft Arctic Trailer 40 ft Arctic Trailer Drum Brakes
24ft Bale trailer
2 Axle 24ft Sprung Tandem axle.Hyd brakes.Strong enough to be extended to 28-30 ft.
Armstrong & Holmes
Bale Chaser Big bale Hauler/Stacker, 16-18 bales.
12 ton Grain-Silage Trailer AW 12 Ton Grain/Silage Trailer.
12 ton Silage Trailer 2017 AW 12ton Grain and silage trailer, 560 flotation wheels. A Cracker apart from front nearside corner.
14-16 ton 14-16ton Grain trailer, Air-Hyd Brakes. 560 Flotation Tyres.
12-20 ton Tailgate New Tailgate Unused 12ton upto 20 Ton Grain.
14Ton Bailey 14ton Trailer, Hyd Tailgate. Air-Hyd Brakes,Mostly new Hyd Hoses. New 385x22.5 Wheels and tyres or 560x 22.5 as required. Build 05-2012.
14ton Grain-Silage Trailer Bailey 14ton Grain/Silage trailer. AIR/HYD Braking. 560 Flotation Tyres. Build 2015/16,
16 TON 16 ton Grain/root trailer. Rams Stolen,New Rams fitted, In use by ourselves.
16 Ton 16 Ton Grain/Root trailer, 560 Flotations, Grain Chute. Air and HYD Brakes. Rollover Sheet. Good Strong Beast. Build November 2010.
16-18 Ton 2014 16-18 ton. 22.5 Gross weight. Flotations. C/w Rollover sheet. In use daily. Build Date 2014.
16ton Beateaper Bailey 16ton Beateaper. Using it ourselves as per photos. Good condition.
18 ton Grain- Root trailer Bailey 18 ton Grain-root trailer. Damage to front end. Can be bought ASIS or repaired. Streamlined go faster model. Build Date 05-2014
20 ton Grain- Root trailer Year2012 20 ton Grain Root trailer on 560 Flotation tyres, Air and Oil brakes. Serial No 10781
5ton 3 Way Tipper Bamford 5ton 3way Tipping Trailer.
32ft Bale trailer 32ft 2axle Bale Trailer.
David Moreton
10Ton 10 Ton 2 way Tipper Gravel Trailer with tipping ext plates. Hyd Braking.
12 ton ECE 12ton Grain Trailer, Hy-lift, Hyd Tailgate,S/singles.
Equi- Trek
2 horse Transporter Equi-trek Luxury Horse/Pony Transporter.
Space Trekka The ultimate in excellence.
25ft Bale Trailer NEW---25'ft Bale Trailer, C/W Hay Lades[Ladders]not shown,Super Single wheels.2 rope/strap boxes.
6 Ton Single Axle General Purpose Trailer.
Graham Edwards
12ft Graham Edwards Twin axle Livestock Trailer. Sheep decks.
14 Galv Tri-axle, Sheep and Cattle Trailer, completely Galvanised.
14ft Tri-axle Tri-axle Livestock Trailer, C/w Sheep decks.
20ft Livestock Trailer Graham Edwards 20ft Tractor Drawn Livestock Trailer,no sheep decks.
3 off 8 ton trailer complete silage side kits to suit grain trailers (trailers sold, kits available)
10 to 15 Tailgate Griffiths 10ton to 15ton tailgate as good as new.
15 HDD Brand new Henton 15 ton Grain/root Trailer, Sprung D/bar, Hyd Tailgate, Viewing panel,S/Singles.
12T Grain Trailer 12ton Herron Grain Trailer, Sprung D/bar, Super Singles Wheels. Nearly as New.
Ifor Williams
Ifor Williams Plant trailer.
12ft Hi Top Livestock trailer,with partition and 2 front/side doors.Good condition.
12x6 12x 6ft Plant trailer with Fold Down Ramps. Good condition.
14ft Triple axle, Livestock Trailer
18x6 Ifor Williams 18x6ft Trailer with full width ramp . Good condition.
505-510 Horse Trailers 6+ Various Horse trailers, Various Colours Maroon-Blue-Green-Grey. Various Specifications.
8x5 Tipper Ifor Williams 8ftx5ft Tipper trailer. Good condition.
Double Horse Trailer Double Horse Trailer
HB 505 I-Williams HB505 2 Horsebox Trailer Very Good condition.
LB 8x4 Ifor Williams Box Trailer. 8x5ft.
P6 P6 Single axle Trailer. High cage sides, ideal quad carrier. 6ft x4ft.
Ifor Williams
Plant Trailer 10x6ft plant trailer C/w Fold up ramps. Good condition.
Ifor Williams
T510A 12ft Livestock Container, C/w Sheep decks. Spare Wheel.
T510A 12ft Livestock Trailer, C/w sheep decks, Spare wheel.
T510A 14ft Tri axle 14ft Tri-axle Livestock trailer. C/w Sheep decks and Cattle partition. ONE TRIP WONDER. Literally, First trip out of Market. Minimal Near Side Damage.
T510A 5TA10. C/w Sheep decks. extra guide hurdles and partitions. Fitted Urine/water sump.
John Ford
25ft Bale Trailer John Ford[Local Trailer Builder] 25ft Bale Trailer, excellent condition.
14ton.Dump trailer Heavy Duty 14ton twin axle dump trailer.
16ton Grain Trailer Kane 16ton Grain Trailer. C/w greedy boards and Rollover sheet.
Tri Axle Fridge Trailer Krone Tri Axle Fridge trailer.
12T Grain Trailer Larrington 12 TON Grain trailer.
16ton Larrington 16ton Grain-Root trailer. 600flotation Wheels/tyres
18ton Grain Root Trailer Richard Larrington 18ton Grain-Root trailer.
Lorry conversion
32ft Two axle super singles 32ft bale trailer c/w brakes, Good condition.
16.5 Ton Grain Trailer Marshall 16.5 ton Grain trailer. 560 Flotations.
16ton Grain Trailer 2016 Marshall 16ton Grain Trailer. Flotation tyres.
20ft Bale Trailer 20ft Bale Trailer.V/good condition.
25ft Bale trailer Marshall 25ft 2 Axle Bale Trailer, excellent condition.
QM 16.5 ton Marshall QM16.5ton Grain Trailer. 560 tyres-wheels, Air -Oil brakes. 2016
QM1600 2017 Marshall QM1600 Grain/root trailer.560x22.5 tyres, Air and Oil Brakes.
1.5 Ton 1ton tipping trailer. 4'x6'ft body.
AS Ace 12 ton AS Marston ACE 12 Ton Grain Root Trailer. Year 2002 S/Singles.IN need of small repair in front of N/Side Tailgate ram Base mounting. In use at present. £5000 ASIS.
Really Modern
12ton Really Modern 12ton Man-Made Distressed Rustic look.Excellent S/Singles.
Richard Western
14..-16-...16 Steer Just a selection of our Trailers. Please look at our specific trailer models for closer Pictures. 14-16-16 Steering Axle. 16ton on transport wheeels, will be fitted with S/Singles or 560-60/22.5 as required.
14ton RC 2014 14ton RC Silage-Grain trailer. Air and Oil Brakes, Sprung D/bar, HYD tail gate. 560 tyres, Good condition.
16 Ton 16 Ton Grain-Root Trailer,Grain Chute, Air-Hyd-Load Sensing Brakes. New Flotation 560x22.5 Wheels/Tyres. A Cracker.
16ton 16 Ton Silage trailer. Good condition.
SF 16 Steer Axle Richard Western 16ton Grain Trailer with Steering Axle, Can be locked straight, 560 Wide flotation Tyres, Hyd Tail Gate, Air Brakes c/w ABS.
SK Trailers
16ton Silage Trailer 16ton Silage Trailer, c/w Flotation tyres. Sitting in Fermanagh, N/Ireland
12 ton Silage Trailer 12 ton Silage trailer on 560 Flotation tyres. Air and Oil brakes, Very good trailer.
16-21 Pro Hardox 2020 Stewart Pro 16 ton. 21c/mtr Volume. 560 Flotation Wheels/Tyres. Air and Hyd Brakes. Excellent cond.
18-23 Pro Hardox Stewart 18ton -23cu/m Grain Trailer. Air and Hyd brakes Hardox Body. Flotation Wheels/tyres. Excellent Condition. Build date Sept 2015. Using ourselves.
12 Ton 12 ton Twin axle Grain/G.Purpose trailer.
24ft Bale Trailer Warwick 24ft bale Trailer. Photos to follow.
3 Ton General purpose Tipping Trailer High Sides,Ideal horse manure,etc. Floor needs attention.
3-4 Ton Grain Trailer Single axle Grain G/P Trailer. Good condition.
4 Ton 4 Ton Single axle Grain/General purpose tipping trailer.Grain and GP tailgates.This is a happy trailer! It's full of Beans, Literally!.
6.5 Ton Tipping trailer, single sprung heavy duty axle,Standard sides, oversize wide wheels, ex Southern Water.
Bale trailer 14'6" x6 Platform bed. C/w Lades[ladders] Low loading height [2ft].