Used machinery for sale

, we have many types of machinery available including your summer equipment Bale Handlers, Tedders, Mowers, Toppers, Forage Wagons. Cultivational equipment like Drills, Ploughs, Rollers, Harrows and maintenance equipment including Hedgecutters, Sprayers, Manure Spreaders, Fertiliser Spreaders. Browse below to see:
Make: Type:

Make Model Description Misc
Top Soil We have a quantity of top soil available on concrete for easy loading.
Hay Hay and Haylage for sale locally.
Bedder Feeders
Shellbourne Reynolds Mounted Feeder-Bedder 3pt linkage Feeder Bedder. Good condition. We have used it ourselves.
Feeder Bedders
Teagle 50/50 50/50 Bale Shredder.
Bale Handling
Browns Square Bale Handler Browns Square Bale Handler. Pin and Cone Brackets, Good condition.
Browns 48/56 Trailed Bale Carrier Trailed 48/56 bale Handler in good condition.
Browns 56/72 Browns 56/72 Bale transporter. Good condition
Browns Wrapped Bale squeezer Browns Square/round bale Squeezer. Pin and Cone fittings.
Browns Carry 40 3Pt Linkage 40 Bale Squeezer/carrier
Browns Accumalator Original model round tube Flat 8 accumulator. Reasonable condition.
Browns Accumalator Browns Box Section Flat 8 Accumalator. Good condition.
Browns Accumalator B Accumalator B Type. free fall[jumble tumble]. Hyd release.
Browns Flat 8 Browns Flat eight accumalator. Good condition.
Cooks 8/12 Windrower Cooks 8/12 Bale Windrower Accumalator.
Cooks 8/12 Windrower Sledge 8/12 Windrower Sledge
Cooks F8/12 Cooks F8/12 Windrower sledge. It's the one on top.
Cooks Flat 10 Bale Accumalator Flat 10 Accumalator. Rubber Belt Bale Handler.
Farmhand Flat 8 Grab Farmhand Flat 8 Grab J/Deere 245 loader brackets, Curved cast steel tines, C/w Hoses.
Fleming 2 Bale Transporter Fleming 3pt linkage 2 Round bale Carrier. 1 arm slightly bent.
Meijer Flat 8 Meijer Flat8 grab Euro Brackets.
New Holland 2 BigBale sledge 2 BigBale sledge, Attaches to baler.
Richie 8/12 Windrower Sledge Richie 8/12 Windrower sledge, Hydraulic release of bales.Bale chute picture 1 top r/hand corner.
Ritchie Flat 8 Grab Ritchie Flat 8 Grab, Excellent Condition. Euro Brackets.
Unkown ELephants Trunk Pin and Cone Overtop[Elephants Trunk] Wrapped Bale Handler.
Bale Handling Equipment
Browns Bale Accumulators Various models and conditions available
Browns Flat 8 Grab Flat 8 Grab,very good condition,
Browns Flat 8 Flat Eight grab. Quickie No3 Brackets, C/w Hyd jump hoses.
Browns Flat 8 Bale Grab Very good condition
Browns Flat 8 Bale Grab To fit Quickie No 3 loaders, good condition.
Cooks 8/12 Bale Former 8/12 Bale Former,Can keep 8 bales until another 4 bales are formed to make flat 8 windrows.
Farmhand Flat 8 Grab Flat 8 Grab, curved tines. Matbro Fittings
Tanco 56 Bale Carrier 56 bale Trailed bale transporter, 7x 8 Flat eights.
Bale Wrappers
Kverneland 7228 3 pt linkage Bale wrapper
Lawrence Edwards 6500 Trailed Bale wrapper. Hydraulic control. Good condition.
Heston Fiat Agri 4750 Heston Fiat Agri Big Square Baler
Ritchie Flat 8 Grab Ritchie Flat 8 Grab, Excellent Condition.
Kidd Bedspread Small PTO driven 3Pt linkage bedder for cubicles and soft fruit.
Caterpiller 15in 400mm Original Cat Buckets to suit 13-14 ton machines; 65mm Pin size Choice of sizes 15"-20"-24" toothed -wedgefaced and others. More pics to follow.
Mr Big Big Giant bucket. front to back 72" x 52" high x 108 " wide
Unknown Grain Bucket Grain Bucket
Paterson 9ft 3pt linkage Tripable buckrake.good condition.
Paterson 8ft Buckrake 9 tine Buckrake in fair order.
Twose/Mil Buckrake Small/medium 7 Tine buckrake[1 tine missing].3pt linkage.
Cattle Crushes
IAE Adjustable IAE, Galvanised Cattle crush, headlock and open fronted.
Tubar Cattle 3pt linkage Cattle crush. Fair condition.
Cement Mixer
Benford 5-31/2 Deisel Lister 5-31/2 4 wheel cement mixer. V/good condition.
Khun Accord 3mtrP/harrow Combi Khun/Accord 3mtr P/Harrow Combination.
Hussmann Compactor Cardboard- Plastic bottles- and Various other waste materials Compactor. Electric supply Needed Mains or Mobile.
Lintels , Staircases, Coping stones Various Coping Stones, Sills, Lintels,Slabs, Stones,Drain Parts, Glased Piping,25 Concrete Staircases of various heights, lengths,shapes some with corners, and many other concrete parts.
Concrete Mixers
Kilworth Pan Mixer 3Pt Linkage, PTO Driven Cement Mixer.
Concrete Plant
Cement Silo Full of Cement available, powdery and dry.
Concrete Mixing/Batching Plant Complete Unit Complete Concrete Pan mixing and batching plant for sale as it stands in situ,easy access.In working order.
Concrete Vibrating Bed Vibrating concrete Bed.
Corn Roller Mills
Fraser 100 Mill+Mixer Free standing,3HP 3 Phase Motor,BM9 Mill/Bruiser,1ton output9" rollers.1ton Bulk input Hopper,Mollasses additive unit inbuilt.Elevator and Double bagging off outlets.Very little use and in excellent order. This Unit now sold, we have second unit still available.
Fraser 100 Mil/Mix Free standing,3HP 3 Phase Motor,BM9 Mill/Bruiser,1ton output9" rollers.1ton Bulk input Hopper,Mollasses additive unit inbuilt.Elevator and Double bagging off outlets.In excellent order.
Hunts RBM 2000 RBM 2000 PTO driven Roller Mill on own stand.
Cultivators Choice of spring tine, stiff tine, trip release, organic row cultivators
Blench Leading Tine Tool Carrier 2.4 Mtr,8ft,Spring Tine Tool Carrier, Only done 20 Acres.
Bomford Dynadrive 3Mtr 10' Dynadrive Good tines.
Bomford Dynadrive 2.2mtr-7'2" dynadrive, excellent seed bed maker,also ideal for repairing poached fields/gateways/riverbank dredgings,etc
Bomford Superflow Chisel Plough 6'6"ft[2mtr],7 tine Chisel plough,Good points.Good condition.
Browns/Ransomes C9 9 Tine 3 pt linkage solid tine cultivator in good condition.
Dowdeswell 4mtr Power Harrow 4 mtr Power harrow C/w Transport kit.
Ferguson 6 ft Discs 3 Pt Linkage original Discs in good condition.
Ferguson Seed Harrows Ferguson 3pt linkage 12ft Seed Harrows. Good condition. Rare now.
Flexicoil Furrow press 3mtr Front Linkage Press
Flexi-coil 3mtr Springtine Harrow 3mtr[10ft] 3pt linkage Spring Tine Harrow, good condition.
Howard Paraplow 4 Furrow Paraplow. C/w Discs. For Grassland and arable[Ideal for loosening compacted soil. Discs not shown.
John Deere C10 Spring Return 3mtr 10'ft 3pt linkage heavy duty cultivator.Spring return tines.Looks like the forerunner of Lemken/Kverneland Lotill-soilsaver type machines.
Konskilde 8.5 Springtine 2.8mtr 9'ft, Very good condition. 29 tines.
Maschio DM4000 Maschio DM4000 in good condition. C/w Flexicoil.
Massey Ferguson 13 tine Cultivator MF Tined Cultivator.13 tines
Massey Ferguson 6mtr 20ft MF6Mtr 20ft Spring Tine Cultivator
Massey-Ferguson 15ft Springtine 15ft fold down Springtine. Good condition.
Massey-Ferguson 23 4mtr Pigtail 15 tine,4mtr 12'ft, C/W depth wheels.Good condition.
MF 2.8 mtr Springtine Harrow 3pt linkage MF H/duty Spring Tine Harrow. Good condition.
MF 37 Pig Tail 9ft wide Pig Tail cultivator.On a lighter spring tine frame instead of a chisel plough frame.23 tines.C/w Depth wheels.
MF Spring Release 11 Tine spring release 3pt linkage cultivator.good condition.
Pack-o-mat 4mtr 2.4mtr Double D Packer
Parmiter 2.4 Mtr 8ft Heavy duty spring tine [Pig-tail] Cultivator C/w Crumbler roll.
Parmiter Seed Harrows Zig-Zag Seed/Levelling Harrows, 6 section,6mtr, 3Pt linkage.Not the ones pictured.
Parmiter 8ft 3pt linkage and trailed,
Ransome 7.5 Spring tine 7.5' ft,2.4mtr,good condition c/w Depth wheels.
SIMBA 3Mtr Double Press Simba 3Mtr Double Press. Good Condition.
SIMBA 7mtr Double Press leading tines Simba 7Mtr Double Press with Leading tines. Good Condition
SIMBA 4mtr Single Press SIMBA 4mtr Single Press. Leading Tines. End Tow.Good Condition.
SKH 3Mtr Top Tilth 3mtr,10ft 1 row of leading tines in front of each crumbler roller.Good condition.
Tank Master 11.5 Ft Trailed Discs Extra Heavy Duty- 11.5 adj working width.
John Wilder Pitch-Pole 8ft 3ptlinkage 8ft working width John Wilder Pitch-Pole Rotary Cultivator. Rare .
De Haulmer
De Wulf 2018 De Wulf Potato- Carrot,etc, De Haulmer. From 2018 Machine Burnt out.Pictures under Pulverisers.
Amazone 4M D7/40E 4Mtr Suffolk Coulter drill, good condition.Tramline markers.
Fiona 3 Mtr 3Pt Linkage 3 Mtr Grain Drill C/w small seed kit. Excellent condition.
Nordsten/Ransomes 300 3mtr(10)ft Piggy Back tine seed drill .C/W following harrow.
Sisis 2mtr Sisis groundsman Grass and small seeder drilling unit.
Stanhay 4 row 4 row Precision drill [no hoppers]
Stanhay 4 row For parts only
Stanhay Webb 4 Row 3pt linkage 4 row Precision Drill.
Sulky 3mtr 3mtr[10'ft] 3pt linkage drill. in excellent condition. New Spare tyre/tube.Boutmarkers, Following harrow.
Parmiter 20-12 Free standing towable bale elevator. 20ft[6mtr] elevator/w 12ft[3.5mtr] extension.
Ford 4600 Ford 3Cyl Ex Ford 4600 tractor,Good condition,Suit any ford 3 cyl tractor upto 4610 etc.
Ford 4 Cyl To suit 5000, 6600, 7600, 7610 etc, we have a range from export quality to retail use quality
Fordson 4 Cly To suit Fordson Super Major etc, late type, test bed engine, running-in hours only
Feeder Bedder
Shellbourne Reynolds 3pt linkage 3Pt linkage Feeder Bedder. Godd condition. we have used it.
Teagle Tomahawk 8080 Trailed feeder bedder, Giraffe chute. Good condition.
Teagle 4040 Tomahawk Teagle Tomahawk 4040. Feeder Bedder.
Fertiliser Spreaders
Kverneland Fert spreader
Sirtex Fertiliser Spreader NEW, 350 and 500ltr capacitiy New
Vicon 402 Small Wagtail Fertiliser spreader C/W extn hopper.
Vicon 402 402 Wag Tail Fertiliser spreader C/w extension hopper.
Vicon 500/600 Vari spreader Mounted varispreader, Hasn't been used for a while, stored inside.
Flail Mowers
Cabe Flail Mower Hyd side-shift Flail mower, 2.1mtr- 7ft Good condition.
Kubota SE6280 2021 Kubota SE 6280 Flail Mower Push or Pull. In excellent condition.
McCabe 2mtr Flail Mower 2mtr Flail mower spares or repair
RyeTec 2.2 mtr Flail Mower 2.2 Mtr Flail Mower. Needs repair to Gearbox framework mounting.
Forage Harvesters
Lely Storm 130 Lely Storm 130 Forage Harvester.Checked over and run up.Nice machine.
Mengele SH 40N Mengele SH40N Forage Harvester. Good Condition.
Pottinger Mex VI Mex VI Forage Harvester.
Reco SH40N Reco SH40N Forage Harvester. Good condition for age.
Chieftan 2 ton 3Pt Linkage,side shift,3 lever spool block,Hyd top link.
Sanderson 2ton Forklift with sideshift.Ideal for fitting on front linkage or front mounting of tractor.Will been taken off the base unit.
Watveare 2 Ton 3pt linkage Forklift C/w carrying wheels. Hyd top link . Good condition.
Front Double Press
??????????????? 2mtr 6'6" Double Front Press.
Fuel Bowser
R Western 1250ltr Bowser Towable Fuel Bowser C/w Electric Pump.
Western 250 Fast Tow Braked Bunded Fuel Bowser.
Furrow Press
Greenland 2.4 Meter 2.4 mtr [8ft] Furrow Press very good condition.
Gantry Cranes
Gantry Crane 15 Ton Gantry Crane 15 Ton Rolling Gantry Crane on railtracks.
Rolls Royce 300 KVA Generator Rolls-Royce engine, Stamford Generator 300 KVA
Fleming 5' Ft Manure Grab NEW NEW 5'Ft Manure/Silage Grab, C/w Euro Brackets.
Matbro 7'6 Manure Grab Matbro Pin and Cone Manure Grab
Matbro 7'6 Manure Grab Heavy Duty Manure Grapple.
Redrock 1.5mtr 1500 1.5 mtr Shear grab, Euro Fittings.
Shelbourne Reynolds 1800 1.8mtr Shear bucket. Good Condition. Manitou Brackets.
MF Tined grader Blade 8'ft Graderblade based on MF tined cultivator.
Bag Lifter Bag Lifter Bag Lifter PIN AND CONE fittings. Photos to follow.
Buckets Buckets Various Buckets available, JCB- Pin and Cone- Cat Telehandler
Diamond 6mtr 20ft NEW Diamond 6mtr[20ft] Grass Harrows, COVID 19 purchase.
Hackett 4ft Chain Harrow New 4ft 1.2 mtr trailed Chain Harrows. New
Hackett Chain Harrows Mounted harrows, 5ft up to 16ft Trailed harrows, 3ft up to 16ft New
Parmiter 16ft Mounted 16ft Mounted Chain Harrows in good condition.
Parmiter 16ft 3Ptlinkage Mounted Grass Harrows in reasonable condition.
Parmiter Zig-Zag Harrows 16ft 5mtr, 3pt linkage, arable harrows or remedial harrows.
Quantock 6mtr Tined Harrow 6mtr [20ft] Tined Harrows.
Hay For Sale
Hay Hay We have our own round bale hay/haylage for sale please enquire 07850 851 941.
McConnell PA93E 3pt linkage- Electronic controls- good flails- good condition.
McConnell PA 470 McConnell PA470 Hedge Cutter with hyd forward extra. Good Flails.
McConnell PA470 McConnell PA 470 Hedge cutter Good condition.
McConnell PA 9058 McConnell PA 9058 3pt linkage. Y Flails.
McConnell PA22 General Purpose, Lightweight Hedge Cutter.
Spearhead TWIGA 7000 TWIGA TW7000 Telescopic Flail Hedgecutter. Year 2019. Excellent Condition.
Spearhead Twinga Pro 700T 2019 Spearhead Twinga Pro 700T.Photos to follow.
Swivel Trim Swivel Trim Loader mounted [Euro Hitch] Hedge Cutter for soft hedges, etc. Cuts upto 35mm thick branches. 1.8mtr[6'] cutting width, Heavy duty cutter bar, much heavier than a grass mower cutter bar. PACKED FOR TRANSIT/SHIPPING.
Irrigation Reels
Perroti Irrigation reels,etc.
Manure Spreaders
Fleming 3Pt Linkage M/spreader 3 Pt linkage Manure Spreader, Hardly used, Ideal Horse yard or small holding.
Fraser MM850 Average Condition.
Marshall Vesuvius 900 Marshall Vesuvius 900. 9ton Spreader
Hay Hay We have some of our own round bale hay and haylage for sale. Please ring 07850 851 941.
Fleming Sand School/Land Levellers 5 or 8ft, 3 P/linkage, reversable for aggressive or smoothing action New
Hardcore Various Large quantity of Hardcore available. Hailsham Area.
Hareland Sila-Push 3 P/linkage, very little use, excellent condition
MF Grader Blade 8' FT 8'ft Tined Grader blade.Based on MF tined cultivator.
All Breaking Mowers; Kvernlande- Kuhn - Lely -Taarup - Fella- Claas - Krone and various others.
CM185 2 Drum Mowers NEW, 6ft cut, we make our own hay with one and are very pleased with it New
Beaver TM509 Gang Mowers PTO driven, hyd lift and lower, Excellent condition
Bomford 2.4 Flail Mower 3 Pt Linkage Flail mower,2.4mtr cut,good condition.
Claas Disco 3050 3pt linkage Disco 3050 Mower 3.05 mtr cut. Needs vertical drive to bed repairing.
Claas Disco FC3000 Claas Disco 3000FC Mower
Claas MoCo 3050 3pt linkage MoCo 3050 Mower.
Claas WM2 2 Drum Mower, good condition for age.
Claas Butterfly Mowers Claas Butterfly MOCO Mower
GPA 5-6-7.5 Ft Models 5-6-7.5 Ft cut rear mounted finishing mowers.As New As New
Greenland - Vicon MOCO 185 Disc mower Vicon -Greenland Moco Disc mower. Good condition.
Hayter 6 Ft 2 Hayter mowers. I re-usable. I for spares. Gearbox-New tubes and bearings- Wheels, etc.
Hayter 6' Ft Hayter Trailed Mower.3 Rotor Cutter. Good Condition.
Iseki/MF Mid-mounted Mower deck SSM60 60" Mid-mounted Mower Deck, c/w brackets/linkages,etc,drive shaft.As new.Side delivery. Model SSM60.
Iseki-NH 1.5 Mid Mount As New mid-mounted mowing deck to suit various Iseki-NH ? Compact tractors 1.5mtr 5ft Cut.
JF 165 5'6" [1.65mtr] 3pt linkage Mower. Good condition.
John Deere 338 Butterfly 2009 2x3.1mtre Butterfly Mower conditioners MOCO. Good condition.
John Deere 388 Butterfly 2012 JD 388, 3pt linkage Butterfly mowers. Beds all good. Steel conditioner tines, General condition good for year. Checked over.
Khun FC313 Khun FC313 3pt linkage MoCo
Khun G 185 Disc mower Khun Disc Mower 6ft[1.8] mtr Cut. Very good condition.
Krone AM203 Krone AM203S 3pt linkage Mower. 5 Discs 7ft[2.2mtr] Cut.
Krone AM283S Krone AM283S 3pt Linkage Straight Mower.
Krone 3200 F-Mower Krone 3.2 Cut Front mounted Mower. Excellent Condition.Used ourselves 2 seasons.
Kuhn John Deere Spares Mower Spares to suit Various John Deere Mowers eg 338-388. Kuhn Mowers 302-312-313 and various others models
Kverneland CM 185 3pt linkage, 2 drum.5'6"[1.65mtr] Cut. Good condition.
Kverneland CM 185 3pt linkage 2 drum mower.6ft[1.8mtr]Cut.
Kverneland 3231 [323L] Kverneland 3pt linkage MOCO. Good condition.
Kverneland Breaking 338 Breaking 338 Trailed mower. Good Bed- Gearbox- Hyd system, Rams, Conditioner- Frame, etc.
Lely 240 MoCo Ex Council so not overworked. Conservation use only. Still got virtually all paint on disc-tops . Mower conditioner 3pt linkage. 2.4 mtr[8ft] Cut.
Lely Splendimo 280 2018 New Lely Splendimo Classic.
Lely MC280 MC 280 MOCO 3ptlinkage , Has been near a fire[rear hood is singed,etc] .Now repaired and resprayed.
Lely Splendimo 280 MoCo
Lely Splendimo 320 Classic Lely 320 mower. no conditioner Reasonable condition.
Lely MoCo 320 Lely 3pt linkage MoCo.
Major Finishing Mowers 5-6-8ft, 3-5 cutting heads, adjustable cutting height wheels in each corner New
Massey-Ferguson DM 287 2016 DM287 Model straight mower. 7 disc mower.Very good condition.
Ransomes Fingerbar Mower 3pt linkage 60/70s fingerbar mower in good condition for age,a nice bit of kit to hang on the back of Dexta/Major or similiar for showing,etc.
Taarup 1650 3Pt linkage,4disc,5'6"(1.65mtr)cut,Swarth board,Very good condition. Paintwork dull. We've cut over 200acres since having it.
Talex DC320 Talex DC320 Mower excellent condition.
Universal Italian 1.5 Mid-Mounted Deck As New Mid-Mounted 1.5mtr 5ft Complete deck but no fittings. To Suit Compact tractors.
Various Various Breaking all Types of mowers. Lely -Kverneland- Fella- Kuhn. Claas, and other makes, please enquire.07850 851 941 or email.
Variuos All Sorts Breaking various Makes/models of Mowers Claas -Khun- JF- Lely- Talis Pottinger-JF - Vicon
Vicon 165 4 disc MoCo 3pt linkage 1.65mtr(5'6") cut. Mower conditioner. Good condition.
Vicon 3200 Trailed MoCo Vicon Trailed MoCo.
Mowers Breaking
Vicon Extra 632T Vicon Extra 632T Breaking for spares, Most parts available.
Plough/front Press
Dowdeswell 2.4mtr Good condition.
Kverneland 2.4 mtr Good condition.
Kverneland 1.8 mtr Good condition.
Chisel Ploughs Choice of makes and sizes
Dowdeswell DP7D2 5 Furrow. Normal spec.
Kuhn Master 100-5 Kuhn Master 100 5 Furrow reversable plough.
Kverneland 622-14- 5 Furrow 5 Furrow Runround plough[1 way].Discs, rear land wheel, Red and green colour model.
Kverneland LA or early L3 4 furrow reversable with rear dics,and depth wheel, round main beam as opposed to box section, headstock looks like L3 type.In good condition.
Ransome Reversable Single Furrow Reversable Plough,discs and skimmers.
Ransomes TSR 300 4 furrow, breaking for spares
Ploughs -Furrow Press
Green 2.4 Mtr Double Press Green 2.4mtr Double Furrow Press
Post Hole Borers
Green Line 9-12in Post Hole Borer Green Line Post Hole Borer 9" and 12" Augers
Greenline Post Hole Borers 3PT linkage, choice of 6,9,12" augers New
Potato Planter
Grimme FA 2RG+DS Grimme 2 row Potato Planter, Good condition.
DeWulf 3060 DeWulf Haulm Pulveriser, excellent condition. Off 2018 Burnt Machine.
All All Breaking Rakes; Claas - Kuhn - others.
Claas Liner3100 Rake Liner 3100 Rake. Hyd width Adjustment.
Claas Liner 3000 Liner 3000 4 rotor rake. Good working order.
Claas Liner 880 Liner 880 Rake. We used ourselves in 2020. Good Condition.
Claas 880 Liner Choice of 3 Claas Liner 880 Profi Rakes.
Krone 800-26 Krone 800-26 Rake. Hyd adjustment on raking width. Electric adj of raking height.Excellent condition. Video available.
Kuhn Rake 7301 Trailed Kuhn 7301 Rake.
Kuhn Rake 7301 Kuhn twin rotor Rake.
Lely Hibiscus 1015 Profi Plus Lely Hibiscus 1015 Profi Plus Rake.
Variuos Rakes Breaking various Rakes Khun -Claas -Pottinger
Reed Bucket
ECON 3mtr Reed Bucket New 3mtr [10ft] Reed Bucket.
Suton 6'6 Roadbrush 3Pt linkage 2mtr 6'6" working width. adjustable angle roadbrush. Good condition.
Cambridge Ring Roll 8' Ft Ring Roll Trailed.
Fleming 10ft Water Ballast Roller Drawbaw, 10mm thick plate on roll, New only at present.
Fleming Grass Rollers 4-5-6.5-8-9-10ft, c/w drawbar and 3Pt linkage, 10mm roller casings, welded drawbars for strength New
Greys 14 ft Water Ballast Roller A Man's tool 14ft flat waterballasted roller. Just right for the prairies.
Hunts Cambridge Roll 1 MTR ring roll ideal for compact tractor,does a good job on renstating horse paddocks.
Twose 10 FT Water ballast 10' x30" Water ballasted Roller, Good condition.
Twose 8ft Concrete Roller Twose 8ft Concrete filled roller.
Twose-Greys 8ft-10ft 8 and 10ft [2.4 mtr] Water and concrete Ballast rollers.
Unknown 6'6 6'6" flat roller
Vaderstad 6mtr Roller 6mtr [20ft] Hyd fold rollers C/w breaker rings.
Rotavator As new, 1.25mtr, suit compact and small tractors New
Dowdeswell 70in 70" Rotovator in Good condition.
Howard 50in 50" Mounted Rotovator, good condition.
Howard 50in 50" Mounted Rotovator. Good condition.
Howard E60 3pt linkage 60" rotavator, good blades.
Howard E80 80" Selectatilth rotovator,twin depth wheels,ex farm condition. Fit for spares ONLY
Howard Cadet 70 Howard Rotocadet 70", for spares or refurbishment but leaning more towards spares. Quite rare now and collectable.
Howard E60 60" 3pt linkage Rotovator C/w New blades.
Howard Rotavators 40-50-60-70--80-100-120ins, various ages and conditions, stock changing continually, ring with your requirements
Kuhn E60 Kuhn E60 Rotovator
Port Agri 1mtr Rotovator As New 40" 1mtr 3pt linkage rotovator. New
Sand School Leveller
Unknown 8' ft 3ptlinkage sand school[ménage] leveller.
Browns Woodmate 3pt linkage, sliding table. Good condition.
Kidd SawBench 3Pt linkage sawbench
Sisis 2mtr Sisis 3pt linkage, 2mtr[6ft] seeding unit with scarifying unit.
Shear grabs
Red Rock 3 ram Shear Grab Red Rock 3ram 2mtr Pin and Cone brackets Shear grab.
Shelborne Reynolds 1.8 Shear grab 1.8 mtr Shear Grab Manitou fittings. Good condition.
MOD Ministryof Defence 5ft 6ins Ex MOD unissued 5'6"ft[1.65mtr] Hyd Angling Snowplough. Photos to follow. Quick Hitch.
Air-Tec Sprayer 3pt linkage sprayer
Allman Farmer 200 200ltr sprayer 3mtr Boom.
Allman 650 Allman 650 ltr sprayer working order. 2nd machine for spares.
Cleanacres 3pt linkage sprayer, Bout marker, Big one.
Hardi 200 2off. Piston Pump sprayer. 20ft[6mtr]. 30ft[9mtr] boom Induction hopper and H/wash.
Hardi 650 3pt linkage 650 ltr 12mtr boom. Good condition.
Hardi 650 ltr 650ltr,fixed pump system,ex farm condition.
Hardi 850ltr Twin pump,ex farm condition.
ENGON 8tonner 8Tonner Steel Wrist, Virtually as New.
Steel Stackable Storage Stillages Steel Stackable Storage Stillages. Approx 1.1 mtr x .7mtr x .7mtr.Drop down 1 side and 1 end.
Unknown Stillages We have various sizes of stillages available: open fronted- Front drop down- Wire Mesh, etc, etc.
Coopers 2 Leg 3Pt linkage 2 Leg Sub-Soiler.
Ellin SubSoiler 3Pt linkage Subsoiler C/w wings,very heavy duty.
Ransomes 3 Leg Subsoiler 3 Leg Subsoiler with wings,Good condition.
Ransomes- Cooper 2 Leg 3 Pt linkage, 2 Leg subsoiler.
Schmidt Swingo Compact -Sweeper 2007 Schimdt Swingo Compact Sweeper.
Breaking Tunners-Tedders (PZ haybobs) (Lely hay max + hay zips)(Lely geminis) + many new parts ie tines, tyres, tubes, wheels, etc.
Greenland 300 Haybob Greenland 300 HayBob Tedder Turner. Shopsoiled, As New.
Kuhn 4 rotor Kuhn 4 rotor tedder, 3ptlinkage, good condition.
Lely Stabilo 770 Tedder Stabilo 770 Tedder. Fully serviced.
Lely Lotus Stabilo 770 Lely Lotus Stabilo 770 , 7.7Mtr Working width. Good Condition.
Lely Stabilo 770 Tedder Breaking Lely Stabilo Tedder; 90% parts available.
PZ Haybobs Choice of 8 PZ Haybobs.
PZ Haybob 3mtr,10ft working width.Teds and Rows up.
PZ Haybob 300 Kervenland Haybob 300.3mtr 10'ft working width,in good working order.Teds out and rows up. We have the rowing up gates. Choice of 3.
PZ HS 360 GRASPA Does all jobs,teds-turns and can row up 20'ft back to back.
Vicon 300 3mtr-10'ft working width. Teds out and rows up. In excellent condition.
TMR Feeder Wagons
Shellbourne Reynolds Powermix Pro Express Feeder 2009 TMR Mixer Wagon.
Wessex 50 5ft cut[1.5mtr] Topper, Very little work.
Toppers Breaking various toppers for spares
Bomford Flail Mower 3 pt linkage 8'ft (2.4mtr).Good condition.
Cabe Vari-width Variable width 1.5-2.4mtr topper for orchards- vineyards- parkland- woods-etc.
Fleming TB 900 9ft Topper Excellent Condition.
Fleming GT90 Topper 9ft cut, synchronised overlapped cutting heads New
GEO 120/150/180 3pt linkage, PTO driven Finishing Mowers, 4 adjustable depth wheels for accurate height control, Removable mulching kits fitted as standard. ALL sizes in stock New
GEO Flail Mowers Various types of Flail Mowers,models suitable for fields,paddocks,ditch banks,verge banks,etc.Please call or email and tell us your requirements.
GPA 4-5-6-8 4-5-6-8ft Toppers New.Excellent. New
Hayter 6ft Hayter trailed Topper. Good condition.
Hayter 6Ft 2 Hayter mowers. I re-usable. I for spares. Gearbox-New tubes and bearings- Wheels, etc.
Major 240 3pt linkage, PTO driven Finishing Mowers, 4 adjustable depth wheels for accurate height control New
Major MT170 Flail Mower Major MT170mtr Flail Mower. Good condition.
Major 2.4 Full offset 3pt linkage fully offset shaft driven topper.
Maschio 2800 Flail Mower Maschio 2800 Mtr Push/Pull Flail Mower. Good condition.
Spearhead 460 2019 Spearhead 460 Topper as New. C/w Mulching Kit.
Taarup 6ft 3pt Linkage Flail Mower.
Twose 2mtr Hyd S/shift 2014 Flail Mower, Hyd-Shift, Hyd angling below horizontal to 90 degrees Vertical. As good as new.
Votex 9ft 3Pt Linkage 9ft topper.Good condition.
Woods 1.8mtr (6ft) 6ft 3pt linkage topper with rear wheel.
Transport Box
Fleming 5 T-Box Fleming 5ft Transport Been converted for Front Linkage
Transport Boxes
Fleming Transport Box 4-5ft tipping transport boxes, 3Pt linkage New
Portco 4-5 ft 4 and 5ft 3pt linkage transport boxes.
Vegetable Lifter
MJF Carrot Lifter Carrot and various root crop lifter. Vibrating bedbar.
Water bowser
Forgotten 1000 1000gl Water/slurry Tanker Mec 8000 pump. Good condition.
Water Bowser
Hi-Spec 1600 1600 gall.{8000ltr]Ex Council so only had water in it. Mec 8000 Pump[the best]. 2 pipes[hoses]. Photos to follow. Will not have been overworked, looks like it has only been used for water.
Ipsom 3000 Water Tanker 3000 Water Tanker
Water Bowser
Primex 2000 Gall 2000 Gall Water bowser/ slurry tanker.
Water Bowsers
B.Legg 500Gal 500 Gallon [2500ltrs] Towable Water bowser with rear outlet.
Blue Water Bowser 250 and 500gl, fast tow or flotation wheels un braked, good condition. Blue one is sold, yellow steel one available.
Hi-Spec 1600 Hi-Spec 1600gall 7500ltr Water Bowser, excellent Condition.
Major 2500 Major 2500 Gall, 12500ltr Water Bowser. Good condition.
Tullow 1600 1600 Gallon,2x6" outlets at rear,1 Hyd,1 Auto clamp,2" wash down outlet on rear.2x6" Front/side Filler/outlets,2x6" Suction Hoses,Fantail spreader plate. Mec 8000 Pump,Mudguards,Big Russians Wheels. Our own Tanker.
Stanhay Webb Rowcleaner R60 Front mounted 5row weeder, c/w 2 spare units and 5 disc unit assy's. Hardly used.
Igland 60 2018 Igland 60 Butt Plate winch.
Igland Butt Plate Winch 2018 Igland Butt plate winch. Single Drum.
Kverneland KV7558 KV 7558 3pt linkage Wrapper 750ml Reel holder.
Yard Scrapers
Browns 2mtr 6ft Browns push pull Yard Scrapers.Good condition.
Grays Flip Over Adjustable width, Push/Pull Yard scraper.Carrying tray for Bales/Licks/Cans/Feedbags,etc. Reversable rubber and not been reversed.