Used balers for sale

, we have all sorts of balers available. Round balers with net wrap / string tie or even electric string tie. Big square balers and conventional small balers available as well including makes like Class, John Deere, Krone, New Holland and Welger.
Make: Type:

Make Model Description Misc
Bamford BL 58 Nice and steady baler, Built for comfort and not speed but go all day long..
Breaking Balers
Breaking Balers (Bamford BL 59-159-81) (Claas-Dominant-Constant-Markant 60) (NH 276-376-841-865-648)
Claas 255 Roto Cut 2nd Claas Rollant 255 Rotocut.120x120 [4'x4']. Drum Baler. Net and String Tying.
Claas 2200 Quadrant Claas Quadrant 2200 Baler. Year of Manafacture 2001 Very Good Condition. Slight wiring damage to electric Loom.
Claas 375RC 2012 Claas 375RC Rotor Cutter Round Baler.
Claas Markant 55 Markant 55 in very good condition.
Claas Markant 55 Markant 55 Baler.Good condition.
Claas Markant 65 Claas Markant 65 Baler. Good condition.
Claas Quadrant 2200 Claas Quadrant 2200 Baler. Year 2000.
Fahr 400HD General Farmers baler in working order.
Fendt Rotana 160v Brand New Fendt Rotana 160V Baler Xtra cut. Air Braking system. Chopping Knives
Galiginani 9520 Wide Pick up,Net and string,120x120mtr,4'x4'ft.
Harvest Tech
Harvest Tech 445-m Automatic preservative applicator kit - and tonnage output meter presently fitted to Welger Baler can separate. Very little use. Year 2009.
Heston 1750 Heston Big Baler [Mini Heston] [MF 185] 80x90 Bale. Video Available.
Heston 4900 Heston 4900 big square baler, 120x130 Bale size. Unfortunate fight with a tree bough[damaged needles].
International B47 McCormick International B47 Baler. Working order
International B47 McCormick International B47 Baler, Spares only.
John Deere
John Deere 359 JD 359 Baler. General Farm Baler.
John Deere
John Deere 224T Handy Conventional Small baler. Good working order.
John Deere 342 JD342 Baler Paintwork has been singed on Nearside.
John Deere 580 JD 580 Baler Net wrap and string.
Krone 125 120x120 Round baler. Net and string. Bearing overheated.
Krone Big Pack Krone Big Pack Big Square Baler
Massey-Ferguson 1450 4ft wide, 3-5ft diameter, barn stored, very tidy and in good working order
Massey-Ferguson 703 Collectors item or for general use. Stored under cover.
Massey-Ferguson MF190 MF 190 Big Square Baler. Year 2002. [Heston 4900]Good condition for age. 80,000bales.
New Holland
New Holland 276 General purpose farmers baler.Good Condition.
New Holland 274 Knotters oiled and greased up, Ex farm condition
New Holland BR6090 NH BR6090 Baler. Drum Baler.
New Holland 648 Burnt but many parts very good, PU Assembly complete and ready to go straight onto another machine.
New Holland 940A NH BB940A Big Baler
New Holland 950A NH BB950A Big Baler
New Holland D1210 NH D1210 Big Square baler, 2Twin Axle baler, 5knotters, 120x60 Bale , Our own baler and works well.
New Holland 376 NH 376 Baler. Off Farm condition. Breaking for spares.
New Holland BB940A 2000 BB940 Baler. Tractor caught fire. Minimal damage to Baler, Cab monitor and front wiring loom burnt. Remainder of Baler in good condition.
New Holland 1010 NH 1010 Baler. tractor towing baler caught fire. All Parts available excecpt Conrol box and front end wiring,etc.
New Holland 7070 2010 NH 7070 Round Baler Partial Burn out.
Vicon LB 12200 Vicon LB 12200 Big baler, 6 strings/ Knotters. 120 x 60 Bale size. Excellent condition. 52600 Bales. 1000baling hrs.
Vicon LB 8200 Vicon LB 8200 Big Baler. 4stringer 80x ?? Bale. 63,000bales. 1200baling hrs.
Vicon SP471 Vicon SP471 Conventional baler. wide pick-up. Good condition.
Welger RP160 V 2017 Welger RP160V Low bale count.Hyd Braking Axle.
Welger RP12 S Roller baler, Ex farm condition
Welger RP12s 120x120 Net and String.
Welger AP530 2002 Welger AP530 Baler. Done very little work. Hyd D/bar[unusal accessary on this size baler].
Welger AP630 2009 Harvest Tech Automatic preservative applicator kit and tonnage output meter. Will separate if required. Very little use. Baler now sold. Applicator kit available ONLY. BALER NOW SOLD.
Welger AP730 2005 Welger AP 730- very good condition.
Welger AP730 2009 Welger AP730 Baler in excellent order.
Welger AP530 Welger AP530 Baler Circa 1985-90 Good condition for age. Bale chute not included.
Welger AP730 2004 Welger AP730 Baler, well greased/oiled. Good condition.
Welger D4006 2008 Lely Welger D4006 Baler. Good condition. There are more Photos available.
Welger AP730 2005/2006 AP730 Baler . pick-up drive disconnected.????
Welger RP200 Welger Lely RP200 Year 2002
Welger AP630 Welger AP630 Needs TLC.
Welger D6000 Champion 2001 Welger D6000 Champion. Small electric wiring fault, loom melted. Otherwise good condition.More pictures on request.