Used trailers for sale

, different types of trailers available from tipping trailers and grain trailers to general purpose trailers.
Model Description Misc
24ft Bale trailer
2 Axle 24ft Sprung Tandem axle.Hyd brakes.Strong enough to be extended to 28-30 ft.
16Ft Bale Trailer Single Axle Bale Trailer 16/18ft Long. Fair condition.
32ft Bale trailer 32ft 2axle Bale Trailer.
12 ton ECE 12ton Grain Trailer, Hy-lift, Hyd Tailgate,S/singles.
25ft Bale Trailer NEW---25'ft Bale Trailer, C/W Hay Lades[Ladders]not shown,Super Single wheels.2 rope/strap boxes.
6 Ton Single Axle General Purpose Trailer.
F60 6 ton Single axle Grain/general purpose tipping trailer.
3 off 8 ton trailer complete silage side kits to suit grain trailers (trailers sold, kits available)
15 HDD Brand new Henton 15 ton Grain/root Trailer, Sprung D/bar, Hyd Tailgate, Viewing panel,S/Singles.
Ifor Williams
12ft Hi Top Livestock trailer,with partition and 2 front/side doors.Good condition.
12x6 12x 6ft Plant trailer with Fold Down Ramps. Good condition.
18x6 Ifor Williams 18x6ft Trailer with full width ramp . Good condition.
Ifor Williams
Plant Trailer 10x6ft plant trailer C/w Fold up ramps. Good condition.
5TA10 5TA10. C/w Sheep decks. extra guide hurdles and partitions.
14ton.Dump trailer Heavy Duty 14ton twin axle dump trailer.
Lorry conversion
32ft Two axle super singles 32ft bale trailer c/w brakes, Good condition.
1.5 Ton 1ton tipping trailer. 4'x6'ft body.
3 Ton General purpose Tipping Trailer High Sides,Ideal horse manure,etc. Floor needs attention.
3-4 Ton Grain Trailer Single axle Grain G/P Trailer. Good condition.
4 Ton 4 Ton Single axle Grain/General purpose tipping trailer.Grain and GP tailgates.This is a happy trailer! It's full of Beans, Literally!.
6.5 Ton Tipping trailer, single sprung heavy duty axle,Standard sides, oversize wide wheels, ex Southern Water.
Bale trailer 14'6" x6 Platform bed. C/w Lades[ladders] Low loading height [2ft].